On editing Lancasters of Pateley Bridge

Life has been pretty hectic recently, culminating in the publication this week of my book on ‘Lancasters of Pateley Bridge’. Most of the activity has been editing, a time-consuming activity contracted out to a professional, thank goodness, but which nevertheless created a seemingly endless stream of corrections and file versions that needed careful administrative skills (made worse because I wrote it in Pages, it was edited in Word, and I had to manually transfer all the corrections). I feel like shouting aaaaaaah!!!! at the top of my voice. It’s too much like work! I thought I had given up work….

Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me that’s too scared to load up Office on a Mac with El Capitan?

Hazel Bird of Wordstitch did a remarkable job. After reading the proof copy I could only find a couple of errors and they were both my own fault. There was a full stop missing from a caption. (I’m sure that had been picked up and corrected before but there it is, laughing at me!) The general reader will never notice (?!?) so I did nothing about it. Hazel probably will notice it (I’m in trouble) but the worst thing is it will plague me every time I look at the book. One illustration was a bit fuzzy but it wasn’t critical, so I left it and pushed the ‘publish and be damned’ button.

After voting for damnation, I spotted an organisation’s name (which was added after the editing had been done) with one word not capitalised. How did that happen? It’s too late now. Does every author end up screaming in the mad house?

The worst is – I think I’ve gone extra-super-gaga from reading the text over and over and over again and again.

It’s the second book I’ve written. (Will I never learn?) And there’s a third in the wings…. (Obviously I won’t.)

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