William Cyril Lancaster 1897-1917

It’s now over a hundred years since Cyril died near Nieuwpoort in Flanders, Belgium, on 24 July 1917. The story of his sacrifice is detailed in ‘Lancasters of Pateley Bridge’. But there is one new fact that has since come to light: the Army Register of Soldiers’ Effects records that £2 11s 4d was distributed to his father, Joseph Wilkinson Lancaster, and £1 5s 8d was due to Miss Marjory Swift, described as ‘Co-Leg’ (co-legatee).

Marjory was born on 27 January 1897 (the same year as Cyril). She was the daughter of Charles Swift (1862-1934) and Lucy (née Cockerline) (1861-1952). Charles was the manager of a stuff merchants in Bradford and the family lived at 30, Ellercroft Terrace, very close to where Joe lived at the time in Legrams Lane. Marjory married Arthur Tinsley (at 10:00 a.m. states the register!) on Monday 23 June 1924 at Lidget Green, Bradford. Her death is recorded in the first quarter of 1980 at Bradford.

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