Family Tree Tips

Some tips on navigation.

1    If you want to leave the tree and return to the main site – click on the Contents page under Contact. From there you can use the menu to go elsewhere e.g. Home.
2    If you choose Home Card from the Family Tree Contents page, you will be taken to William Lancaster d. 1806 and Mary Rayner d. 1800.  This is the top of the tree.
3    You may prefer to start at the ‘later’ end of the tree.  E.g. I could choose Lancaster, Winifred Mary – my mother.  I could find her name in Surnames or Index.  This is the start of my pedigree.
4    You can now explore the tree in three ways:
⁃    click on a parent and move up a generation staying with Family Card view.
⁃    click on a tree picture next to a name and see a pedigree chart.
⁃    click on a name in the middle boxes in Family Card view and go to a Person Sheet view.
5    You can go up and down the tree by choosing parents or children in all three views. In the chart view, click on the first name on the left to go to their Family Card.
6    Click anywhere – it won’t break!  See where you get to.
7    Got lost?  Click on one of the menu items at the bottom of the page to return to the Index or Contents pages.
8    Why are there some first names on the Index page without surnames?  Answer – because I don’t know what their maiden names were.
9    Some of the names cannot be clicked. These are not descended from William Lancaster and Mary Rayner OR not spouses of a Lancaster OR  not parents of a spouse OR ….
10    Privacy protection has been enabled.  Anyone born after 1915 without a date of death will show as Living.